Genuine NunnaUuni. A warm heart for your home.

NunnaUuni fireplaces have been creating heat and a warm atmosphere for over 30 years.

NunnaUuni fireplaces are made of uniform, natural Mammutti type of soapstone. Its excellent thermal conductivity, outstanding heat storage capacity and superior heat resistance characteristics make the Mammutti type of soapstone the supreme source of comfortable warmth.

“Fire without smoke, no need to worry about particle emissions!“ NunnaUuni fireplaces have been designed to meet the requirements set by urban areas. Thanks to the Golden Fire wood burning method, our fireplaces produce only minimal wood-burning emissions.

A stylish NunnaUuni fireplace is also a perfect addition to other energy solutions, such as geothermal heat systems or ones employing air source heat pumps. Explore the product range.

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