Aito NunnaUunin vuolukivitakka antaa pehmeää lämpöä.

Genuine NunnaUuni. Keeps you warm.

A fireplace made with authentic Mammutti soapstone type generates soft heat for a long time.

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New Calor product

The next-generation NunnaUuni, the heat-storing Calor fireplace, generates pleasantly smooth and lasting heat for modern energy-efficient homes.

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Genuine NunnaUuni

When a fireplace offers clean burning, draws well, heats up quickly, generates soft heat for a long time and withstands extreme variations in temperature from one decade to the next, soapstone types have been used correctly from the fireplace surface to the fire chamber – just like in NunnaUuni.

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For more than a hundred years, it was known that fireplaces with a brown, hardened soapstone fire chamber release heat for a long period of time, offer great durability and also cook food better than any other kind of fireplace. In the now-distant past, experienced fireplace masters chose the type of soapstone for their fire chambers with great care to ensure that every fireplace that they built had all of the above qualities.

We at NunnaUuni continue to uphold this know-how.

*) Source: Uusi Suometar, issue 110, 19/9/1873; National Library of Finland, digitised materials

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The NunnaUuni fireplace is an eye catcher, atmospheric element, heat source and the centre of a home. Here you can find tips and ideas for your own home!

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