Benefit days of the clean burning

Make a clean choice – join to the winning team and decide for the award-winning Golden Fire NunnaUuni fireplace! You get the same heat benefit with half less black carbon emissions.

NunnaUuni has won the innovation competition of the White Snow, Clean Air campaign, by combining the clean burning of the Golden Fire method with Mammutti soapstone, thereby reducing the fireplace’s black carbon emissions by over 50% compared to the most commonly used heat storing fireplaces in Finland.

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What is the Golden Fire NunnaUuni fireplace?

NunnaUuni user doesn’t have to be worried about the flue gas emissions. Our heat storing fireplaces have been designed to fulfil the strictest clean burning requirements of densely populated residential areas. The Golden Fire burns wood clean.

The Golden Fire burning method developed and patented by NunnaUuni is based on the precise direction of air, which ensures that exactly the right amount of air is used in the different phases of burning. This produces an extremely high temperature, in which wood gasifies evenly and burns efficiently. Together with Mammutti-soapstone type NunnaUuni fireplaces are high energy efficient and produce only minimal wood-burning emissions.