Innovations for enjoyably warm homes

NunnaUuni is a pioneer of fireplace research and product development. We study the properties of our soapstone type and are constantly looking for new ways to make the most of it in fireplace use. We make use of information provided by research in our fireplace product development work.

Living and the heat demand of homes have changed over the decades. We pay attention to the stylish design and convenient use of fireplaces. We work in close co-operation with experts in design, construction and energy technology.

In total, we have been granted close to 60 registered patents and registered over 100 protected designs. All our fireplaces include protected innovations – inventions that make your NunnaUuni unique.

The success of NunnaUuni is based on the uniquely durable Mammutti soapstone type, our own innovations that promote efficient burning and fast heat storage, continuous product development, and a design and product range that have significance to the customers.