Real fire is an impressive interior design element

The NunnaUuni fireplace is an eye catcher, atmospheric element, heat source and the centre of a home. Here you can find tips and ideas for your own home!


Authorised NunnaUuni dealers at trade shows and events

You will find our authorised NunnaUuni dealers at following trade shows and events: Czech Moderni vytapeni 1.2.2018 – 4.2.2018 R&B Tsekki s.r.o. For Passiv in Prague 2018 8.2. – 10.2.2018 R&B Tsekki s.r.o Stavebni veltrhy Brno/Building Fairs Brno 25.4. – 28.4.2018 R&B Tsekki s.r.o. For Arch 2018 in Prague 18.9. – 22.9.2018 R&B Tsekki s.r.o […]


NunnaUuni Oy’s new Calor model is at its best in modern energy-efficient houses

NunnaUuni’s heat-storing next-generation Calor fireplaces complement our product range of heat-storing all-soapstone fireplaces and light-structured DEKO fireplaces. The heat-resistant Mammutti soapstone type enables the clean burning of the Calor fireplaces and introduces pleasantly soft and long-lingering warmth to modern homes. Clean and unique warmth meets the requirements of leak-proof construction The design starting point of […]


NunnaUuni fireplace selection tool

Try out the fireplace selection tool and see how you can modify a NunnaUuni fireplace to match your personal taste. Create your own fireplace!


Style tool

With the help of NunnaUuni’s style tool, you can test the look of different fireplaces in milieux of different styles. Can you find something to your liking? You can find more gorgeous options from the NunnaUuni range. Find it fall for it!