NunnaUuni tulisija tuo miellyttävää lämpöä niin kotiin kuin mökille.

Product range

The NunnaUuni fireplace range features, besides heat-storing fireplaces made exclusively with soapstone and Gourmet fireplaces, also lighter heat-storing Calor injector fireplaces and light-structured Deko fireplaces.

Heat-storing fireplaces

A heat-storing fireplace made exclusively with soapstone generates soft heat for over a day with just one short heating period.

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Heat-storing Gourmet fireplaces

A heat-storing Gourmet fireplace combines the ease of cooking and gentle warmth of the home.

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Heat-storing Calor fireplace

The next-generation NunnaUuni, the heat-storing Calor fireplace, generates pleasantly smooth and lasting heat for modern energy-efficient homes.

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Deko fireplaces

A light-structured DEKO fireplace is at its best when you want the atmosphere of a fire or occasional overnight heat.

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Soapstone tiles

Mammutti soapstone is a diverse and durable construction material, which is easy to pair up with different interior design materials and colours due to its harmonious and timeless appearance.

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Design your own NunnaUuni fireplace

The NunnaUuni fireplace selection tool can be used to design a Joya fireplace to match your personal style. The style elements of the tool are available for most NunnaUuni fireplaces. When you have created a fireplace to your liking, you can order a summary of the related elements and leave us a contact request.