The light-structured Deko fireplace is the focal point of the living room creating unique atmosphere.

Deko fireplaces

The light-structured Deko fireplace, which utilises the properties of genuine Mammutti soapstone type, is the focal point of the living room creating unique atmosphere

The perfect size-comfort balance

In Deko fireplaces, wood burns with a steady flame, making it ideal for enjoying the leisurely atmosphere in front of a fire. It is at its best when you want the atmosphere of a fire or occasional overnight heat.

Deko 2 Due’s double shell structure of Mammutti soapstone evens out the intense heat, bringing a pleasant, lingering feeling of warmth to your home. Deko 2 Due ensures heat whenever a storm causes an outage, and it is also suitable as an additional source of heat.

Genuine Mammutti soapstone type shell

The Mammutti soapstone type binds and releases heat better than other soapstone types. All the soapstone we use comes from our own soapstone deposit in Nunnanlahti, Juuka.

Clean burning in a stove test

The Deko fireplaces have received clean smoke gas test results in the EN 13240 stove test.

The flue temperatures of the fireplace are kept at a safe level thanks to the controlled combustion power and the tranquil flames.

Straight or curved surface

The models of the Deko series represent the Scandinavian design at its best. The front wall of the fireplace is either graphically straight or invitingly curved according to your choice.

Comfortable heat of stove

The double shell construction of Deko 2 Due stoves makes the heat comfortable.

View technology of the stove

Select your own Deko model

Deko 2 Due C

Heat-storing double shell structure with a curved front wall.

Deko 2 Due S

Heat-storing double shell structure with a straight front wall.

Deko 5

Rapidly heat-releasing one shell soapstone construction, corner door.

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