NunnaUunin varaava takka

Heat-storing fireplaces

A heat-storing fireplace made exclusively with soapstone generates soft heat for over a day with just one short heating period.

Clean burning of the Golden Fire

In the NunnaUuni fireplace, firewood is burnt according to the Golden Fire wood burning method (Pat. no. EP1008808). This means even gasification of firewood and burning at an extremely high temperature. Due to the Golden Fire wood gasification burning method, even large amounts of firewood can be burnt efficiently and very cleanly.



Heat generated by the clean burning inside the NunnaUuni fire chamber is quickly recovered

The NunnaUuni fire chamber is at the core of the fireplace operation as regards both clean burning and efficient heat storage capacity. This is made possible by the fire chamber’s best possible heat-resistant soapstone type, whose structural foliation is aimed towards fire. This ensures the quickest possible heat recovery from hot burning flames. In NunnaUuni, 70% of the stored heat is transferred directly to the structures surrounding the fire chamber.

NunnaUuni with its excellent heat-storing capacity has been exclusively made of the Mammutti soapstone type, which is foliated and heavy natural stone that conducts heat extremely well. The great heat volume stored in NunnaUuni is released from the fireplace’s surface slowly as even heat radiation ensuring comfortable warmth.

Genuine natural material

The genuine stone surface shaped by nature creates the timeless and stylish look of the NunnaUuni fireplaces. The diversity of soapstone surfaces together with NunnaUuni’s design suit many different interior design styles.

NunnaUuni Aqua+

NunnaUuni Aqua+ water circulation improves the energy efficiency of your home. While it heats both your home and domestic water you save more and more in your electricity bill. A heat-storing NunnaUuni fireplace can provide you with both enjoyable warmth and hot water for your domestic needs.

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