Customise a NunnaUuni-fireplace in your own style

With this program you can customise a Joya-fireplace in your own style. The different style elements shown here are available to a large number of NunnaUuni-fireplaces.

When ready, you can save a PDF-summary of your fireplace and send a contact request to us.

If you are interested in another fireplace model than Joya, you can specify the model in the message box when sending your contact request: e.g. Joya Angolo / Blanka / Blanka Angolo / Latus / Hestia Solo / Hestia Angolo Solo / Mamo Solo.

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A genuine NunnaUuni. A long-lasting soapstone fireplace.

  • Room Interior
  • Front & Glass Surfaces
  • Sides
  • Corners
  • Bottom plinth
  • Top plate


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Please fill in the fields below. A NunnaUuni-distributor will call you or send an Email (you can specify the way you wish to be contacted). The style elements you have chosen for your fireplace are directly forwarded to the distributor.

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Product information Joya:

Height: 1536 mm, weight: approx. 1500 kg
Thermal energy: 56 kWh, when burning 16 kg wood within 3 hours
Heat release time: 36 hours (every heating time)
Efficiency: 81%
The fireplace has been tested with the test for heat-storing fireplaces (CE EN 15250) which takes into the consideration the real thermal energy benefit (kWh) of the fireplace and the low emissions during the whole burning, right from lighting the fire.
Joya–fireplace meets the requirements of BImSchV 2 in Germany.

Tuoteinfo Joya PL:

Korkeus 1536 mm, paino n. 1700 kg
Lämpöenergia 56 kWh, kun takassa poltetaan 16 kg puuta 3 h aikana.
Lämmönluovutusaika 50 tuntia jokaisella lämmityskerralla.
Yhdellä lämmityskerralla säästää sähkölaskussa n. 7,50 €.
Hyötysuhde 84%
Takka on testattu varaavien tulisijojen testillä (CE EN 15250), joka huomioi tulisijan todellisen lämpöhyödyn (kWh) ja
alhaiset savukaasupäästöt koko palamisen ajalta, heti sytytyksestä lähtien.
Joya PL – takka täyttää tiukimmankin, Saksassa vuonna 2015 voimaan tulevan päästönormin.

Suositushinta, ml. alv 24%, rahti ja asennus (ilman hormia)


Heat-storing fireplace is an energy saving solution

All heat-storing NunnaUuni fireplaces give pleasant, long-lasting heat and create a cosy atmosphere. They also reduce the energy costs of your house in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.

NunnaUuni uses Mammutti soapstone in the fire chambers and heat-storing structures of its heat-storing fireplaces. The excellent heating properties of NunnaUuni-fireplaces are based on three main factors: 1. the particularly heat-resistant Mammutti soapstone type used in the fire chamber, 2. The Golden Fire –burning method developed for clean burning and 3. the seamless co-operation of these two elements enables an even and long-lasting enjoyment of warmth.

That’s why a heat-storing NunnaUuni fireplace radiates even and gentle warmth for even two days, after only couple hours of heating.

Genuine NunnaUuni. A long-lasting soapstone fireplace.