Maintain your fireplace regularly

Maintain the fireplace and flues regularly

The fireplace ducts should be checked and cleaned at least once per heating season. When cleaning the flue and fireplace, always make sure to adhere to country- and region-specific guidelines and regulations. If you notice the draft of your fireplace has weakened, the cleaning should be brought forward.

  • Always clean the grate of ashes before heating.
  • Remove ashes before the ash box fills.

Careful cleaning of the grate ensures combustion air can pass unobstructed, which also prevents the grate from overheating and breaking.

Check the instructions included with your fireplace.

As a material, soapstone is a very low-maintenance natural product.

Soapstone does not absorb greases, so all dirt generated from, e.g., wood cookers during cooking remains on the stone’s surface and can easily be cleaned off.

Tips for cleaning:

  • The door glass can be cleaned with class cleaner, and the ceramic stovetop with a cleaning solution or ash and damp paper towels.
  • Clean the fireplace of dust and garbage with a soft brush or carefully vacuum with a brushlike nozzle.
  • Wipe off dust and light dirt from the surface of a soapstone fireplace with a damp cleaning cloth while cleaning the rest of your home.
  • If you would like to use a cleaning solution on the soapstone fireplace surface, a general cleaning solution or, e.g., the ecological Universal Stone detergent are suitable.
  • If stearin or other stains have built up on the soapstone fireplace surface over a longer period of time, degreasers such as brake cleaner can be used to remove them. Please ensure the substance’s suitability for a soapstone surface by testing it on an out-of-sight surface. Important! Degreasers can ignite easily, so do not use them next to a hot fireplace or an open flame.

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