A centrepiece warming the soul of Hilltop Forest

Guest article // Tiia and Craig, founders and designers of Hilltop Forest If a kitchen is the heart of the home, then a fireplace must be the soul. To build…

Soft heat with a stove

The Deko range of lightweight fireplaces, stoves, and convection fireplaces – for when you’re enjoying the atmosphere or quick heat – are the most important. Explore Deko!


Marble cake

Marble cake is a coffee time classic. Read NunnaUuni’s tips on making a perfectly juicy marble cake.


Carrot pie

Carrot pie is a simple and tasty pastry that goes well with coffee. Don’t forget generous frosting!


Root vegetable puree soup and parsley oil

Harvest treats create a classic soup. Parsley oil puts the final touch on the steaming bowl.


Sautéed elk

Game meat just can’t get better than sautéed elk that’s been left to simmer for a while. This rare delicacy is sure to delight even the most distinguished guests.


Cauliflower and asparagus gratin

Coat the cauliflowers and asparagus, and enjoy the gratin. With NunnaUuni, you’ll succeed for sure!

The birth of our hearth

Guest article // Milla Alftan It was clear to us from the start that our future house would be adorned with a striking heat source, meaning a heat-storing fireplace. For…

Tuliset lihapyörykät

Spicy meatballs

Chili gives the meatballs a bit of kick. Cook, taste, delight!

Paahtopaisti ja Hasselbackan perunat

Roast beef and Hasselbacka potatoes

Meat and potatoes in their finest form. A NunnaUuni baking oven makes this a potential modern classic.

Fireplace image gallery

We collected NunnaUuni photos in the fireplace gallery – fall in love and get inspired!

The NunnaUuni-Aqua+ water circulating fireplace improves the energy efficiency of your home

The NunnaUuni Aqua+ water circulation fireplace gives you double benefits. Water circulation fireplaces offer you both wonderful warmth and hot water for all your home’s needs. Explore!


Lamb stew

Stews simply get better via simmering. The distinctive taste of lamb gets to shine with NunnaUuni’s mild temperature.

The Style Tool assists you in fireplace selection

Wondering which fireplace is best for you? Test how different fireplaces look in different styles of decor. Test and choose the fireplace to match your personal style!


Salmon lasagne

Salmon lasagne is irresistible. This tin-cooked treat is easily prepared in a baking oven.

Replacing your fireplace has a major effect on the entire home

We live in an early ‘90s duplex, which is primarily electrically heated. Our home had a NunnaUuni soapstone fireplace dating back to its construction, which in the winter would almost…


Cabbage rolls

Despite the many work phases, preparing cabbage rolls is not difficult at all. The filling of the stout cabbage rolls is very adaptable, with vegan options also available.

Appelsiinpossua riisillä

Orange pork

Orange pork brings a touch of eastern cuisine. By simmering the pork with NunnaUuni, you get a delicious dish for daily dining or more festive occasions.

The fireplace according to your wishes

In addition to prefabricated models, we also manufacture tailor-made fireplaces. See some examples of fireplaces we have designed for our customers.

NunnaUuni soapstone fireplace emits heat for a long time

In a heat-storing NunnaUuni fireplace, the atmosphere of the Golden Fire continues as pleasantly soft radiant heat long after the flames have gone out. An enjoyable warmth and the clean…

Only selected Mammutti soapstone type for the fire chamber

Soapstone is a natural material that many people know. It is a less known fact that it comes in many types with greatly varied composition and structure. The only thing…

NunnaUuni wins the Black Carbon Campaign’s Innovation Competition

NunnaUuni has won the innovation competition of the White Snow, Clean Air campaign, by combining the clean burning of the Golden Fire method with Mammutti soapstone, thereby reducing the fireplace’s…

From soapstone to soapstone types

Natural stones that are easy to carve due to their rather high talc content are in general called soapstones. The fact that soapstone is suitable for use in fireplaces is…

Calor model is at its best in modern energy-efficient houses

NunnaUuni’s heat-storing next-generation Calor fireplaces complement our product range of heat-storing all-soapstone fireplaces and light-structured Deko fireplaces. The heat-resistant Mammutti soapstone type enables the clean burning of the Calor fireplaces…

Despite its light weight, the injector stove is a genuine heat-storing fireplace

The Mammutti soapstone injector unit (Patent no. 122079) rapidly recovers the great heat generated by burning through its four channels, thanks to the great thermal conductivity of the Mammutti type…