Mammutti soapstone

Our products are manufactured using a unique stone exclusive to us. From the Nunnanlahti mine in the hills of Eastern Finland comes the age-old Mammutti soapstone, unmatched as a fireplace-building material. Mammutti soapstone is a soft, durable, and thermally conductive natural stone. Mammutti soapstone is the Finnish magnesite soapstone type used in NunnaUuni fireplace construction.

Mammutti soapstone comes from Nunnanlahti, Finland.

Soapstone is familiar to many, but learning to distinguish its various types didn’t become common until the 2000s. Our Mammutti soapstone, from the mine in the greenstone zone of Nunnanlahti, is classified as a type of magnesite soapstone. Out of all soapstone types, magnesite soapstones are the most heat-resistant, so the locally mined Mammutti soapstone has become the superior material for NunnaUuni fireplaces.

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Our range includes heat-storing fireplaces built from Mammutti soapstone, fireplaces for cooking, Deko stoves, and stylish soapstone tiles.

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The thermal conductivity of the Mammutti soapstone type is five times that of firebrick, so the heat generated from effective burning can be quickly stored in the fireplace.

Choosing NunnaUuni products is a sustainable choice – in more ways than one

When fireplaces are heated quickly, especially in the winter, we hear a lot about thermal shock affecting traditional solutions, exposing the fireplace to a risk of cracking. On the other hand, the iron-rich magnesite in Mammutti soapstone ensures the fireplace stone becomes more and more durable with use. When the surface of the fireplace heats up to over 520 degrees, the magnesite turns into periclase, which can be seen as a reddish-brown surface layer. Thanks to the thermally conductive Mammutti soapstone and the operating principle of Golden Fire, firewood can burn effectively and perfectly, making NunnaUuni a clean choice from a climate emission standpoint as well.

Energy-efficient and elegant

The mineral composition and dense microstructure of Mammutti soapstone make it an extremely energy-efficient fireplace material. Owing to its high density, soapstone is also very impermeable and thus does not absorb dirt or impurities. This means our elegant and eye-catching Mammutti soapstone products remain stylish and can easily be kept clean for decades.
Our Mammutti soapstone products are the right choice for those who value durability, the Finnish design language, and faultless reliability. The unique structure of Mammutti soapstone allows the hard periclase layer to stay unbroken on the surface, so the temperature in the fire chamber can be raised to a very high level. We select the finest-grained Mammutti soapstone type for the soapstone fire chambers of NunnaUuni products. The unique material ensures NunnaUuni products need no insulating protective sheets or cast structures.

NunnaUuni – Comfort of warmth for every home

Providing warmth and atmosphere in interior design

Providing warmth and atmosphere in interior design

A hearth, fireplace, or baking oven catches the eye, creates atmosphere, provides warmth, and serves as the centrepiece of the home. Explore NunnaUuni as an interior design solution!

For interior design

Clean burning – burning wood with near-zero emissions

Clean burning – burning wood with near-zero emissions

NunnaUuni fireplaces burn wood cleanly. You can heat your home with just a small amount of wood, without stress on the environment. The Golden Fire gasification burning method reduced particle emissions to one-tenth of their original volume.

Conserve the environment

Enjoy the warmth and cooking capabilities of the baking oven

Enjoy the warmth and cooking capabilities of the baking oven

Make your daily life easier by heating and cooking delicious food at the same time. NunnaUuni offers a delight for all senses: the scent of cooked food or baked goods, the warmth of fire, and the dance of flames.

For cooking

A heat-storing fireplace as a home or cottage heating solution

A heat-storing fireplace as a home or cottage heating solution

A NunnaUuni fireplace allows for easy use of renewable wood for heating your home. A fireplace made exclusively with soapstone generates soft heat for over a day with just one short heating period.

For a heating solution

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