Enjoy the warmth and cooking capabilities of the baking oven

Our extensive range of fireplaces also offers a variety of choices for cooks. With NunnaUuni, you can heat your home and cook healthy food every day!

NunnaUuni cooking fireplaces allow you to make baked goods requiring high temperatures, slowly cook dishes in the oven at a mild temperature, and boil or fry food on the stovetop if necessary.

NunnaUuni’s genuine stone oven allows for long cooking times, so you can prepare delicious homemade dishes – no electricity required.






Heat up your home, cook food, or do both

What we love best about NunnaUuni fireplaces with baking ovens, baking ovens, and stoves is the fact they can be used just for heating without worry, and you can use the cooking and baking capabilities on occasion – whenever you wish.

Preparing delicious and nutritious food in NunnaUuni couldn’t be easier – whether your taste buds prefer stews that have to simmer for a while, or baked goods that require a high oven temperature.

Preparing a Christmas ham in a NunnaUuni baking oven may be an annual tradition in the home of a Finnish traditional food enthusiast, the highlight of the Christmas season, or perhaps baking Karelian patties reminds you of your grandmother’s house from your childhood.

A baking oven is also the choice of a slow cooking enthusiast! Foods that require slow cooking at mild temperatures become incredibly tasty in a NunnaUuni oven. That’s because NunnaUuni baking ovens are an excellent fit for dishes that require a long cooking time.

In addition to nostalgic classic dishes, don’t be afraid to try many different recipes in the baking oven!

NunnaUuni custom-made fireplace with baking oven
Using a fireplace with a baking oven lets you cook nutritious food cost-effectively for even a large group of people. The tender afterheat lets porridges and casseroles simmer gently and tenderises meat so it’s juicy and delicious.
Cooking in a NunnaUuni baking oven

Dense, natural Mammutti soapstone ensures cooked food stays juicy

NunnaUuni’s versatile Gourmet fireplaces – fireplaces with baking ovens, baking ovens, and stoves – offer double benefits: enjoyable warmth in your home and delicious gourmet experiences for the family.

NunnaUuni fireplaces use a natural stone known as the Mammutti soapstone. Soapstone is a dense natural material which does not automatically absorb moisture. This means food stays juicy in a stone oven and tastes better than electric oven cooking!

Mammutti soapstone, mined in Nunnanlahti, possesses unique properties. It retains heat more effectively than other materials, steadily releasing it for a long time.

NunnaUuni – the cook’s and baker’s choice

Flavour lovers choose NunnaUuni, which keeps food juicy while cooking. Contact the nearest retailer and take a trip to flavour country!

A wood burning cooker is the choice of a heater who appreciates good taste

A heat-storing fireplace novelty Anni, with a stovetop, combines versatile thermal properties and cooking capabilities with the compact size. This heat-storing soapstone fireplace of NunnaUuni is suitable for replacing a traditional wood burning cooker. It is at its best in heating room space, and on a ceramic stovetop you can prepare food. With Anni you can heat your home or cottage, ensuring the ability to cook even if the power goes out. A heated stovetop quickly warms the room, and the soapstone structure stores the heat, releasing it at a steady rate for a long period of time.

Tested clean burning

The small and graceful Anni wood stove is suitable for both the home kitchen and the cottage, saving floor space. Unlike wood burning cookers, Anni has a large glass door from which its flames can be admired. The beautifully burning flames of the Golden Fire have been proven clean. Anni has been tested with a heat-storing fireplace test EN15250, where emissions are measured in real use according to the user instructions. It is a type-approved heat-storing fireplace and clearly below the EcoDesign emission limits.

Hestia Solo as a space divider
A double-sided fireplace with baking oven works brilliantly as a space divider: the fireplace helps set the mood in the living room while the oven is in use in the kitchen.

Our wide range of fireplaces with baking ovens

Our wide range of fireplaces with baking ovens consists of two types of fireplaces with baking ovens: the Solo fireplaces with baking ovens which utilise the heat of the fireplace, and the Duo fireplaces with baking ovens that allow you to burn wood either in the fireplace or the baking oven.

In case you weren’t aware, a fireplace with baking oven also works well alongside passive house technology. Their low-intensity and steady heat release and lengthy release time make them ideal fireplaces for dense passive houses.

The Duo fireplace with baking oven or baking oven is a good choice for a cook looking to prepare nutritious food and baked goods requiring high temperatures daily while heating the home with wood. The Solo fireplace with baking oven allows cooking alongside wood heating. The baking oven always stays clean because it is heated by the fireplace beneath.

Both fireplaces with baking ovens offer excellent cooking capabilities in addition to warmth, but before you make your final choice, we recommend talking to a qualified NunnaUuni retailer to learn about the capabilities and best cooking functionality of both ovens.

Choosing a Solo or Duo fireplace with baking oven

Solo – a clean baking oven, always

NunnaUuni has developed a rather handy baking oven that always stays clean. The Solo baking oven is heated by the fireplace beneath the oven, always staying clean without ash. Everyday life is easy when your baking oven stays clean. Depending on the model, the temperature can reach up to 200+ degrees, so you can both bake pastries and cook casseroles and stews.

You can heat the oven and leave a casserole in there next morning to shimmer as you head to work, and when you return in the evening, you’ll find tasty food waiting for you. Or, you can put your morning porridge in the oven overnight – there are plenty of ways to make use of long heat retention!

Duo – hot cookin’

The choice of a power baker! The baking oven or Duo fireplace with baking oven is the choice of a cook and frequent heater. By burning wood in the baking furnace, you can heat up the stone grill, which is perfect for pizzas or pies.

The Duo models include separate fire chambers for the fireplace and baking oven. Burn wood in the fireplace or the baking oven, whichever is needed.

The max temperature of this NunnaUuni baking oven is significantly higher than the Solo baking oven, as high as 300+ degrees, so it can be used for baking Karelian patties and, of course, making any other dish that requires cooking or simmering.

NunnaUuni is the choice of a versatile cook

Whether you’re an avid baker, fan of traditional stew recipes, or a modern gourmet, you can surprise even the most demanding dinner guest with soapstone appliances.

Explore NunnaUuni’s baking oven dish recipes


NunnaUuni Hestia Solo Ceramic takkaleivinuunit

The low-emission NunnaUuni is an efficient heater

The Finnish-made NunnaUuni baking oven, built from Finnish Mammutti soapstone, stores a large amount of heat and provides cosy warmth thanks to its effective heat-storing capability.

The patented Golden Fire gasification burning method was born as a result of decades-long development and allows effective and clean burning at a high temperature. As such, NunnaUuni passes under the 2022 EcoDesign emissions limit in the heat-storing fireplace test, which is the strictest testing method for fireplaces.

NunnaUuni’s technology ensures wood starts burning quickly and burns cleanly and with high intensity throughout. When no heat or unburnt fuel (wood) is released with the combustion gases, NunnaUuni achieves the same heat benefit at less than half the black coal emissions compared to a heat-storing brick fireplace of the same size.


NunnaUuni – the only Finnish manufacturer of full soapstone fireplaces

A heat-storing fireplace as a home or cottage heating solution

A heat-storing fireplace as a home or cottage heating solution

A NunnaUuni fireplace allows for easy use of renewable wood for heating your home. A fireplace made exclusively with soapstone generates soft heat for over a day with just one short heating period.

For a heating solution

Clean burning – burning wood with near-zero emissions

Clean burning – burning wood with near-zero emissions

NunnaUuni fireplaces burn wood cleanly. You can heat your home with just a small amount of wood, without stress on the environment. The Golden Fire gasification burning method reduced particle emissions to one-tenth of their original volume.

Conserve the environment

Providing warmth and atmosphere in interior design

Providing warmth and atmosphere in interior design

A hearth, fireplace, or baking oven catches the eye, creates atmosphere, provides warmth, and serves as the centrepiece of the home. Explore NunnaUuni as an interior design solution!

For interior design

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