In interior design, the fireplace is a source of warmth and atmosphere.

NunnaUuni helps you enjoy the cosy atmosphere and soft warmth of real fire. A beautiful and highly customisable NunnaUuni from Finland provides an excellent source of atmosphere and warmth for your home or cottage – next to a wall, in a corner, or perhaps as a space divider.

A stylish fireplace can bring joy for decades, which is why you should choose Finnish quality and unparalleled enjoyment of warmth for your interior design!

The fireplace has a major effect on the entire home

The fireplace is no longer placed in its own separate room, but instead it serves as the crowning piece of your living room or open space kitchen decor. Our fireplaces are design masterpieces, using genuine natural stone and natural, timeless design!

The variety of surface and appearance options and harmonic soapstone surfaces of NunnaUuni fireplaces and baking ovens offer numerous options for different styles of interior design.

Do you prefer a genuine natural stone surface, or would a light or dark fireplace suit your decor better? NunnaUuni soapstone fireplaces can also be covered with matte ceramic tile. Our fireplaces can even be raised, expanded, or customised with a variety of add-ons!

A NunnaUuni fireplace generates enjoyable warmth both when the fire is burning and long after it has gone out. NunnaUuni blesses your home with a unique warm embrace, one you never want to give up!

Täydellisesti sisustukseen sopiva takka on toteutettu mittatilauksena.

NunnaUuni’s Style Tool can assist you with interior design planning and fireplace selection.

Use the NunnaUuni Style Tool to test how different fireplaces look in different styles of decor. You can change both the fireplace model and the background.

Try NunnaUuni’s Style Tool

With a NunnaUuni fireplace, your home gains a brilliant centrepiece for its decor, along with atmosphere and the comfort of warmth.

NunnaUuni’s dark ceramic surface against a light background highlights your fireplace or fireplace with baking oven as the modern centrepiece of the room. In turn, a light fireplace on a light background creates a harmonic and timeless atmosphere for any space. The harmonic and timeless soapstone can easily be combined with a variety of interior design materials and colours.

A fireplace with a genuine soapstone surface works alongside other natural materials and can be combined with something like boho style decor. NunnaUuni is also the choice of the Scandinavian style decorator who loves clean lines and light surfaces and shades!

Whether you’d like your fireplace as a large and striking element or a smaller interior design solution, our range surely offers the exact kind of fireplace you’re looking for. If you can’t find anything that pleases you, you can order an entirely custom-made heat-storing fireplace or baking oven to ensure your fireplace is a completely one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly decorative fireplace.

A fireplace for your decor and style

NunnaUuni’s fireplace range offers fireplace frames suited for different spaces and locations, with a variety of appearance options!

Designing the appearance of a NunnaUuni fireplace

We offer a wide range of surface options for our fireplaces. The NunnaUuni fireplace and baking oven corners, base, and cover can be customised. Dreaming of a white, black, or grey fireplace? Along with the timeless and natural grey soapstone surface, our range gives you the opportunity to surface your fireplace with black or white ceramic tile, for example.

Check with your retailer to explore the numerous appearance options for fireplaces and baking ovens.

Let the beautiful flames bewitch you

The Golden Fire flame is hypnotically bewitching, and you can enjoy gazing at the flames for hours in the soft warmth of NunnaUuni. The unique clean burning also helps conserve the environment. This makes NunnaUuni an excellent choice for densely populated areas as well.

A NunnaUuni heat-storing fireplace creates a safe and enchanting vision of flames for you to enjoy without uncomfortable heat.

The fireplace features sealed double glass doors with clean lines, which helps softly radiate the heat of the hot flames of the fire chamber into the room. You can enjoy spending time in front of the fireplace, basking in its warm embrace.

Clean burning and soft and mild warmth for a long period of time are NunnaUuni’s major strengths. NunnaUuni fireplaces are built from genuine natural materials and last a long time, even decades.

NunnaUuni fireplaces are also child-friendly, because the sides of the fireplaces do not become burning hot and the double glass doors of the fireplace get less hot than a regular single glass door. However, be sure to watch your children when using the fireplace or hearth!

A black fireplace in a beautiful second home in Mäntyharju.
The gorgeous fireplace in the picture was custom-made for a beautiful second home in Mäntyharju, Finland. The soapstone surface of the fireplace has been darkened.

The fireplace of your dreams, custom-made

If you would like a unique NunnaUuni fireplace, contact an expert via our customisation service.

Custom options include spectacular fireplace ensembles, combinations of different materials, and finding a unique, tailored solution that perfectly suits its space at your home or cottage. In addition, the appearance of the fireplaces in our regular range can be customised according to your wishes.

Tell us what you would like, and our designers will work with you to create the fireplace that fits your home and decor to a tee!

Purchasing a new NunnaUuni fireplace is always an eco-friendly act

Heating with renewable energy beats fossilised energy sources. Golden Fire helps reduce the harmful PAHes, and the environmental impact of wood heating is smaller than that of an old-fashioned fireplace solution. A Mammutti soapstone fireplace effectively stores heat and steadily releases it, making the warming effect last longer. Heating less often also means fewer particle emissions!

All NunnaUuni heat-storing fireplaces are fitted with the award-winning Golden Fire grate instead of a traditional fire grate. This patented Golden Fire burning method minimises wood burning emissions, adhering to the 2022 EcoDesign emission limits set by the EU.

A well-chosen fireplace provides your home with atmosphere and warmth with minimal environmental load.

Some of the most popular fireplaces in our range

NunnaUuni – Comfort of warmth for every home

A heat-storing fireplace as a home or cottage heating solution

A heat-storing fireplace as a home or cottage heating solution

A NunnaUuni fireplace allows for easy use of renewable wood for heating your home. A fireplace made exclusively with soapstone generates soft heat for over a day with just one short heating period.

For a heating solution

Enjoy the warmth and cooking capabilities of the baking oven

Enjoy the warmth and cooking capabilities of the baking oven

Make your daily life easier by heating and cooking delicious food at the same time. NunnaUuni offers a delight for all senses: the scent of cooked food or baked goods, the warmth of fire, and the dance of flames.

For cooking

Clean burning – burning wood with near-zero emissions

Clean burning – burning wood with near-zero emissions

NunnaUuni fireplaces burn wood cleanly. You can heat your home with just a small amount of wood, without stress on the environment. The Golden Fire gasification burning method reduced particle emissions to one-tenth of their original volume.

Conserve the environment

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