The NunnaUuni story

Northern winters have taught us to survive in harsh conditions. The fireplace has had a central place in this. It has been a focal point of the home, serving as a kitchen and a heat source. Even if the fireplace no longer carries the same meaning to the modern individual, the craft of building fireplaces has been maintained and developed in combination with modern industrial expertise, research, and design in each fireplace we manufacture.

Our mission and vision

Our mission is to make homes more comfortable for living.

NunnaUuni’s mission is to make fireplaces a source of comfort in homes everywhere, while providing pleasant warmth by burning renewable wood cleanly, with appreciation and respect for the environment. That means we understand controlling the wood-burning process and the heat properties of fireplace materials, as well as their sustainable use that allows us to help guide our customers towards more comfortable and enjoyable living.

Our vision is to bring you the best and most comfortable fireplace experience with NunnaUuni

NunnaUuni’s vision is to always provide our customer with the best enjoyment of warmth and the atmosphere of fire through safe and sustainable clean burning of wood.
The NunnaUuni hearth warms the mind and body.

Over a 150 years of fireplace experience

The guild of the master fireplace builders lived in Nunnanlahti, Finland, in the 1800s. Once a suitable stone deposit had been located and quarried, the stone was sawn – perpendicular to the foliation for the inner fireplace stones, and parallel to the foliation for the surface stones.

Depending on their plane of cut, the stones were used to achieve different directions of heat transfer in the finished soapstone fireplace. Such soapstone fireplaces were famous for their excellent thermal properties, and the best of them for the strong, light brown, stable layer, which formed on the surfaces of the fire chamber after heavy use.

Fireplace masters started their work by selecting a fireproof soapstone type for the fire chamber. Their reputation as fireplace masters, both in their own village and in the neighbouring villages, depended on it. A fire chamber that lasted for decades, good baking properties of the baking oven and steady heat release of the fireplace ensured that the master would continue to feed his family comfortably and well into the future.

And science proves it

Science has since proven what fireplace masters already knew long ago. The best material for the fire chamber, the most vital part of the fireplace, is the type of soapstone consisting of fine-grained magnesite and a combination of schistose and foliated, flaky talc formed under intense geologic pressure.

This unique soapstone deposit*, which provides the perfect material for high temperatures of the fire chambers, was discovered by the father and grandfather of NunnaUuni founder Juhani Lehikoinen – both fireplace masters themselves. What they ingeniously realised was that the type of soapstone in this particular deposit was different from that found in all of the area’s numerous other deposits, which had become known for providing easily workable building material. This Mammutti soapstone deposit* and our experience-based skills in building soapstone fireplaces ensure that the fireplace building traditions of Nunnanlahti will stay alive and well long into the future.

According to core samples, our deposit in Nunnanlahti contains an estimated 29 million tonnes of the Mammutti soapstone type. The open-pit deposit is 200 metres wide and 350 metres long.

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* Name of mining concession: Nunnanlahti No. 3159

According to core samples, our mine in Nunnanlahti contains an estimated 29 million tonnes of the Mammutti soapstone type. The open-pit mine is 200 metres wide and 350 metres long.

A firm foundation for comfort of warmth

The Nunnanlahden Uuni Group has exclusive rights to a deposit of the durable Mammutti soapstone type. The NunnaUuni comfort of warmth is based on our knowledge of the types of soapstone in our unique soapstone deposit and the fact that we are able to use them in the structures of heat-storing fireplaces in the best possible way.

Selecting the right type of soapstone requires a high level of expertise. Every one of our fireplaces has been manufactured with great professional pride. The first industrially manufactured NunnaUuni fireplace still remains in use in Simpele, Finland.

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