The NunnaUuni-Aqua+ water circulating fireplace improves the energy efficiency of your home

With NunnaUuni water circulation fireplaces, the Aqua+ solution ensures not only cosy warmth but also hot water for your household needs. The NunnaUuni-Aqua+ is a heat exchanger that works as part of your house’s water circulation-based heating system, or simply as a heater for domestic hot water.  A NunnaUuni water circulation fireplace gives you double benefits: only part of the heat is used for producing hot water, the rest provides steady heating for your home over a long period of time – exactly what genuine NunnaUuni fireplaces are known for.

NunnaUuni Blanka Ceramic takan vaihdolla on suuri vaikutus koko kotiin.

The NunnaUuni-Aqua+ heat exchanger is available for most NunnaUuni fireplace models and can also be post-installed. Aqua+ is available for the following fireplaces in the range: Joya, Joya Angolo, Blanka, Blanka Angolo, Latus, Vega ja Vega Angolo.

Leave oil and gas behind. Heat with wood and reap the benefits. Switch to the cleanly burning NunnaUuni-Aqua+ fireplace, which operates as part of your home’s heating system.

Aqua+The heat exchanger is at the core of the fireplace

  • Does not affect the external dimensions of the fireplace.
  • Can be installed in fireplaces that are already in use.
  • The water temperature range is high; also suitable for heating domestic water.
  • The water capacity of the heat exchanger is small, which means that you can safely use the fireplace during power outages.

The heat exchanger is made of a continuous steel pipe

  • No joints inside the fireplace.
  • Easy to install; an HVAC technician is not required.

Water heating values of the fireplace

  • Temperature range of incoming water: 20–70 °C
  • Temperature range of outgoing water: 40–80 °C
  • Thermal energy transferred to water: 5–10 kWh*
    *Depends on the temperature of the incoming water

System description

Dimensioning values of the system:

  • Dimensioning pressure: 1.5 bar
  • Maximum pressure: 6 bar
  • Volume flow of water: 1 l/min

Considerations regarding the system

  • A coil or hybrid accumulator with a capacity of at least 300 litres is recommended.
  • The water circuit requires its own circulation pump and control unit that controls the pump based on the temperature difference between the fireplace and accumulator.
  • The system must be equipped with a deaerator, expansion tank and safety valve.
  • The recommended material of the piping is stainless steel or copper. Plastic and composite pipes are not suitable for the purpose due to their low temperature resistance.

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