Calor model is at its best in modern energy-efficient houses

NunnaUuni’s heat-storing next-generation Calor fireplaces complement our product range of heat-storing all-soapstone fireplaces and light-structured Deko fireplaces. The heat-resistant Mammutti soapstone type enables the clean burning of the Calor fireplaces and introduces pleasantly soft and long-lingering warmth to modern homes.

Clean and unique warmth meets the requirements of leak-proof construction

The design starting point of the MinunVALO house, constructed for the Housing Fair Finland held in Mikkeli, was energy efficiency and clean indoor air. In this leak-proof, separately air-conditioned and energy-efficient house heated with geothermal heating, the clean burning of an authentic NunnaUuni fireplace and pleasant warmth of Calor Hexa are at their best.

The core of the fireplace is a patented injector unit made of the Mammutti soapstone type, which rapidly recovers the great heat generated by burning through its four channels, thanks to the great thermal conductivity of the Mammutti soapstone type.

The Calor soapstone fireplaces have been tested with test CE EN 15250 for heat-storing fireplaces, which is the most realistic fireplace test procedure in Europe. The test measures smoke gas during the entire burning phase, starting from the moment the fire is lit to its extinction. The test proves that the harmful emissions of the heat-storing Calor fireplaces are minimal and do not burden the environment with unpleasant odours or health hazards.

NunnaUuni’s new streamlined Calor Hexa fireplace and its pleasant warmth are at their best in the geothermally heated and leak-proof MinunVALO house constructed for the Housing Fair Finland held in Mikkeli.

As the injector unit recovers the heat from the smoke gas, the smoke gas is cooled to a safe temperature before reaching the flue. The heat-storing Calor fireplace generates up to 24 hours of pleasant heat with one heating process.

The structure of the heat-storing Calor fireplaces has been tested according to a German approval procedure to be independent of indoor air. This means that the air needed in burning is supplied to the fireplace directly from outside. The leak-proofness of the fireplace in long-term use has also been demonstrated by product testing, which is why Calor is a unique fireplace solution for a modern energy-efficient and leak-proof house.

Timeless design and natural grey soapstone

The appearance of the Calor range is dominated by the genuine grey natural stone, Mammutti soapstone type combined with streamlined and stylish design. The gorgeous appearance options and unique stone surfaces provide many options for the placement of the fireplace within a space and for matching it with diverse interior design styles.

The design of the Calor Rondo fireplace introduces a new, playful look for fireplaces. Placing the soapstone in the shape of a circle departs from the conventional solutions. The highlight colour peeking from between the stones lightens the look of the fireplace.
The clean lines of the Calor Quadra fireplace match many interior design styles. The Mammutti soapstone injector unit within the fireplace radiates heat evenly and over a long period of time.
The Calor Ellipse fireplace with playfully curved sides and its grooved soapstone surface create an interesting and modern look.

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